Valencia Travel Guide – A First-Class Vacation Destination

Are you Looking for a European city whose sky shines 300 days a year, stretches at your feet, the golden sandy beaches are endless and life is full of culture, art, and delicacies. The buildings combine masterpieces of the baroque style and modern technology from all over the world. And it does not suffer like many Other suffocating tourist traffic, which has become a nightmare for residents and visitors in many European tourist destinations?

Valencia Travel Guide… The City Is Always Scented With Lemon And Orange Blossoms.

valencia travel guide top things to do and see in valencia

If so, then you should be in Valencia. The home of the most famous dish in Spanish cuisine La Paella, and the other Mediterranean bride who for years competing with Barcelona on the eastern coast of Spain, displays new charms every day and removes the names of that title that was awarded fifty years ago when its citizens declared it the capital of counter-tourism, in which life revolves quietly and without crowded, close to places and things, its summer cools with the breezes of Ghouta surrounding it and wears a warm coat in winter … always scented with lemon and orange blossoms.

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Valencia lives its hottest days every year in mid-March during the celebration of Father’s Day is one of the most popular festivals in Spain and Europe, Las Fallas. The festival (from 15 to 19 March) ends with the burning of dozens of cartoon statues that symbolize prominent events or personalities during the past year, which come out of the professionals of the great artists and craftsmen who spend a whole year preparing them before they are consumed by the flames in moments.

Las Fallas festival
Las Fallas festival

At the beginning of the nineties of the last century, Valencia witnessed a series of pioneering engineering and construction projects that changed the face of the city and gave it international fame, as it opened the doors of tourism on its shutters to become one of the main destinations in Spain, whose number of visitors for years has exceeded twice the number of residents.

The first of these projects was the diversion of the “Turia” River, which crosses the city for a distance of ten kilometers, and the conversion of the ancient course into a popular park that begins with a botanical and animal park and ends at the “City of Arts and Sciences” designed by the famous engineer Santiago Calatrava. And with its pioneering modern design, it is considered one of the modern international engineering masterpieces.

valencia City of Arts and Sciences
Valencia City of Arts and Sciences

And in 2007, when Valencia hosted the famous “America’s Cup” sailing competition, its beautiful sporting port turned into the new hub of entertainment life in the city around the “Sails and Winds” building. It has also become a global engineering landmark, knowing that in 2022 it will host the main activities to celebrate the declaration of Valencia as the World Capital of Design. During these celebrations, the city is expected to receive tens of thousands of designers, engineers, and artists from all over the world.

The other pole of recreational and cultural activities in the city is the huge building that was previously an “ice factory” at the gates of the old harbor, and today it has become a cultural and artistic center full of life and music, prompting many to buy and restore the old houses surrounding it.

La Fabrica de Hielo Old Ice Factory
La Fabrica de Hielo Old Ice Factory

The historic city center is one of the richest centers of Baroque architecture in Spain, studded with some Gothic buildings. Among them stands out the Silk Market building, (group of buildings) which was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and dates back to the late fifteenth century when Valencia was at its height and a global center for the silk trade, and the old monastery, which today has turned into a center for contemporary culture, includes the Institute of Modern Arts from which it started in the years The latter is one of the most important artistic movements in Spain.

Valencia Silk Museum
Valencia Silk Museum Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda

But the active artistic and cultural life in Valencia is not limited to the new or high-end neighborhoods, it is also spread in the popular neighborhoods that extend to the famous Saler Beach, which is overlooked by the rice fields and orange groves well-known that bears the city name.

Central Market Valencia - weekend in valencia
Central Market Valencia

One of the beautiful stops that should be stopped during a visit to this city is the Central Market, one of the classic buildings in Valencia, which is considered one of the best ancient markets in the world in terms of its architecture and its huge building that is illuminated by natural light throughout the day. This building is famous for its huge metal structure and high domes, and it was restored for the last time in 2016 by the Italian artist Gian Luigi Colallucci, who supervised the restoration of the ceiling of the Vatican Cathedral. Then there is the “Carmen Monastery“, which dates back to the beginning of the seventeenth century, and since 2017 has housed a special cultural center and a famous Japanese restaurant for tourists, including Japanese.

The cultural life and artistic activities that Valencia abounds in are also made more attractive by its distinctive local cuisine, especially with everything related to rice, fish, and seafood dishes … and the world-famous “paella” dish, which is desirable for the Arab tourist to refrain from boasting in front of the people of the city that this dish is Arabic. The origin is like its name derived from the phrase “remnants”, as the Arab dignitaries in Medina used to throw their leftovers to the public that they used to prepare paella.

La Paella
A famous dish in Spanish cuisine “La Paella”

The reason for this is that this information is not correct because the dish dates back to the beginning of the eighteenth century, and because in such a claim what may hurt the feelings of the people of the city who are proud of their Andalusian heritage and the hundreds of phrases that entered from the language of Dhad to their terms in the fields of agriculture and irrigation. And for those wishing to master the preparation of this dish, which the people of the country and visitors flock to, there are lessons devoted to that in several places of the city.

Virgin Square Valencia - Valencia Travel Guide
Virgin Square Valencia

And for those who expand his time, a visit must be made to the La Albufera Nature Reserve, which is five minutes away from the city and has evidence of the advanced irrigation systems that the Arabs established, such as waterwheels, canals and mooring tanks, and the building of the “water court” that was established in the Andalusian era and continues to exist. Today the only administrative and legal reference for distributing irrigation water to the farms of Ghouta Valencia, and its activity cycle is opened by the Spanish monarch every year.

Another suggestion for those who have had the opportunity is a trip on an old sailboat with its captain, sailors, and chefs, on a tour of the coastal countries. Beautiful surroundings of the city, stop by and visit some.

Piazza Cathedral Valencia - Valencia Travel Guide
Old Town Cathedral Valencia

And it is not better or more beautiful than the conclusion of the visit, than sitting in one of the cafes that surround the magnificent Fountain Square in the historical center of the city, where you can see the course of the happy life in the Virgin Square, which is based on the ruins of a Roman forum surrounded by the building of the regional government «generals» from the seventeenth century And the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mary, which is considered a masterpiece of Spanish Gothic art.

There is so much to see and things to do, in this Valencia travel guide only a few of them are mentioned. If you like this mini Valencia travel guide please share it with family and friends. 

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Valencia Mini Travel Guide A First Class Vacation Destination

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