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#TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter is the travel community’s biggest Twitter chat, taking place every Tuesday at 9:30 AM/PM GMT.

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#TTOT – The Chat: It occurs *twice* every Tuesday: 9:30 AM and 9:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time

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Get ready for #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter:! Today’s topic: ‘Traveling with Kids’

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Travel Talk on Twitter Questions

9:30 am&pm GMT:
Q1 via @galiciaoriginl: Which facilities or trips do your kids enjoy most? #TTOT

9:40 am&pm GMT:
Q2 via @hendrikmorkel: Which rules that you have at home you don’t have when travelling? #TTOT 

9:50 am&pm GMT:
Q3 via @tangenghui: What are the different types of activities or trips you would like to do that you can enjoy together with your kids? #TTOT 

10:00 am&pm GMT:
Q4 via @hendrikmorkel: Which tips help make travels with kids easier? #TTOT

10:10 am&pm GMT:
Q5 via @galiciaoriginl: Which facilities do you, as parents travelling with kids, enjoy most? Do you miss anyone? #TTOT 

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Next #TTOT topic: ‘Customs & Migration’

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Further info about the Travel Talk on Twitter:

Travel Talk on Twitter is a social media travel event and a social travel hashtag on Twitter. Look out for the hashtag #TTOT

#TTOT Basics for the event:

* There are 2 #TTOT sessions. Like that, all the travel tweeters in every time zone can join the fun! (And the fun doesn’t end just because #TTOT does. Feel free to keep responding throughout the day.)

* The hosts will send out 5 questions. Every 10 minutes there will be a new question.

Facebook page: On this page you will be able to see which topic will be next, but even better… You can submit your questions and with a bit of luck, your question might get chosen for #TTOT! So, be creative! (And don’t forget to include your Twitter handle so we can credit you during the event.)

#TTOT – The Hashtag:

Whenever you need any travel related help…
Whenever you have a question for your travels…
Whenever you tweet about travel… Just add it to your tweet! It’s short & a very well known hashtag!

Travelers worldwide will look out for it and will use it as well to tweet about their passion…


It’s not a hashtag of a single company… It’s YOURS… It’s OUR Social Travel Hashtag!

You can use #TTOT throughout the week to tag your travel-related tweets to get the attention of others in the #TTOT community. Twitter is about being social and it starts with a simple #TTOT.

#TTOT’s promises to you:

1) We pledge to be as open as possible.
2) We promise to take all criticism and ideas with the utmost seriousness and respect. Let us know if there’s anything you think needs to change for us to better serve the travel Twitter community.
3) We won’t use your tweets for any outside publication without your knowledge and consent.

That being said, don’t be surprised if you end up in a #TTOT recap. If you are surprised, we hope it’s in a happy way. Please don’t assume that #TTOT runs the recaps, though, as we don’t. If you don’t want to be included in a recap, contact that person directly.

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