Travel & COVID-19 – A year later

A year ago on this date, in one of our Travel Alert’s we first mentioned this new flu-like strain which had broken out in Wuhan, China. Yes, the date was 02 January 2020, we picked up on it via our many sources of information and thought it worthy of a notation.

Our entry at the time was:

China – The National Health Commission in China has sent experts to the Wuhan area in central China following what may be an outbreak of the SARS ( severe acute respiratory syndrome). Initial information indicates that most of the 30 affected were stallholders within the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. All those infected have been quarantined.

SARS is highly contagious as evidenced by the 2002-03 epidemic which infected more than 8000 resulting in over 500 casualties in Hong Kong and China. Hong Kong has instituted border screening and alerted hospitals to be mindful of SARS. The WHO noted that while initial diagnosis is potentially SARS, there is a likelihood that those infected may be a result of a severe case of viral pneumonia.

Securely Travel - COVID a year later

Fast forward to 02 January 2021 and we are up to our neck in a global pandemic with uneven preventative steps being taken across the globe. In early January 2020, the U.S. administration fobbed COVID off as inconsequential – 12 months later, we find that the United States has over 20 million cases and approximately 350,000 dead.

CDC urges the population of the United States to minimize engagment and interaction. Our leaders at the local, state, and federal level also encourage us to keep our distance and keep to our “circle” of contacts so as to minimize the risk of infection.

In California, and beyond, they will soon be rationing care. What that means is the medical system is overwhelmed – while they are rolling beds and refrigeration trucks (temporary morgues) into hospital parking lots, they can’t just manufacture or create additional medical staff – ergo, rationing care.

The TSA tells us that millions traveled between 17 December and 01 January 2021 – MILLLIONS. The CDC advises this guarantees that there will be a continued influx in the spread of COVID.

Securely Travel’s advice remains the same.

Limit travel by air, land or sea to that which is absolutely essential. If you are traveling and fall ill, fall off the curb, or otherwise become incapacitated, depending where you are, there may not be the level of medical care available due to the onslaught of the COVID patients nationwide.

Stay safe.

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