Top 15 Hot Water Springs in India

Are there hot springs in India?

They are springs naturally emerged by geothermally heated water from from the earth’s surface. This natural jacuzzi is often very less explored in India. They are not widely considered as a travel experience yet, but these therapeutic baths are nature’s most pristine secrets and come with plenty of health and beauty benefits. There are numerous natural hot springs in India, and here are the famous Top 15 listed below.

1. Panamik – Ladakh

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Panamik is known as the hot spring village of India. This village is located in close proximity to the Siachen glacier and is famous for its Sulphur hot springs. This hot spring in Nubra valley attracts people from all across the world. Due to the high amount of Sulphur in the hot spring, it contains medicinal properties. Travelers wishing to visit the hot spring are required to take a permit from a district magistrate’s office. The springs consist of separate pools for men and women. A fee of Rs. 20 is charged and with the water being too hot, any person cannot immerse themselves for more than a few minutes.

2. Kheer Ganga – Himachal Pradesh

The hot water spring at Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh.
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A hot water abode between the cold snow capped mountains of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, is what Kheer Ganga hot water spring is all about. A treat to the eyes, rejuvenation to the body and peacefulness to the mind is offered in abundance at this hot spring of India. To reach this particular hot spring, a long trek is mandatory. The place is less crowded due to the long trek involved, but the scenic beauty and the warm water compensates for the tiredness of every trekker coming to this hot spring. It is an exceptional experience and a heaven for trekkers.

3. Manikaran – Himachal Pradesh

The hot water spring at manikaran, Himachal Pradesh..
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It is more of a hot water fall, because river flowing here carries hot boiling water to the insides of temple of Manikaran Sahib. Mythological belief to this birth of hot water is the story of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva and Parvati spent eleven hundred years at this place and Parvati lost her gem in the stream of the river. When the gem could not be found, Shiva opened his third eye leading to destruction. To pacify the effect of the destruction, Sheshanag appeared and created the flow this flow of hot water. The water continues to flow hot throughout and is believed that every offering put in the water reaches God.

4. Tattapani – Shimla

The hot water spring at Tattapani, Shimla.
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The Tattapani hot water spring is located along the banks of river Sutlej. A chain of Sulphur spring simultaneously gushes on the banks of this river. The spring disappears during the months of June and July, when the water level rises. The spring reappears every year during January and February. In this month is when pilgrims visit the place because it is considered auspicious. It is also believed that a dip in the water cures skin diseases and joint pains.

5. Gaurikund – Kedarnath

The hot water spring at Gaurikund, Kedarnath.
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The Gaurikund hot spring is considered one of the holiest sites in India. A dip in the water is believed to make a person pure and rid off all sins. The spring is located at a height of 6000 feet on the banks of Mandakini river. The place mythologically is believed to be the place where lord Ganesha acquired his elephant head. The hot spring is also the starting point of the famous Kedarnath temple trek and boasts scenic views.

6. Yumthang – Sikkim

The bridge to reach the hot water spring at Yumthang, Sikkim.
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The Yumthang village is located 135 kms away from Gangtok. The hot spring can be reached by walking a small distance and crossing a bridge over the Lachuna river. The average temperature of the water here is around 50 degree Celsius. The water has good amount of sulphurated hydrogen gas and is very beneficial for skin. Taking a dip in the water is very pleasing and pleasant.

7. Reshi – Sikkim

The hot water spring at Reshi, Sikkim.
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The water in the Reshi hot springs contain very high amounts of Sulphur and are very effective in skin cures. Reshi hot water spring is located 25 kilometers from Gyalshina village, on the banks of river Rangeet. Overnight stay accommodations are available with the option of trekker huts too. The duration of December to March is the best time to visit this hot spring of India.

8. Chumathang – Ladakh

The hot water spring at Chumathang, Ladakh.
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Ladakh might be the best winter destination of India but it too has some warmth. The Chumathang natural hot water spring is located 138 kilometers from Leh. These water bodies are usually missed while on the roads due to its hidden nature. But, sometimes you can see the steam coming off of it. On the banks of river Indus, there are numerous small boiling water bodies filled with Sulphur content, boiling away. The only way to reach Chumathang is by road, so make sure to not miss it.

9. Suryakund – Himachal Pradesh

The hot water spring at Suryakund, Himachal Pradesh.
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The Suryakund hot spring is the hottest water spring in India. The average temperature ranges between 87 to 168 degree Celsius. Surrounded by snow filled mountains, it is one of India’s most beautiful hot water springs too.

10. Jakrem – Shillong

The hot water spring at Jakrem, Shiilong.
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Jakrem is located 64 kilometers from Shillong. In the cold weathers of Shillong, Jakrem is also a famous tourist spot for its warm water spring. The water contains medicinal properties. The site is now being developed into a health resort. People from all across India and the world come here to take a dip in the water and detoxify themselves. Duration from February to June is the best time to experience the hot water springs here.

11. Akloli – Maharashtra

The hot water spring at Akoli, Maharashtra.
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The pleasant valley of Akloli hot water spring is located 25 kilometers from Thane. The spring is in the Rameshwar temple, so it is also called as Rameshwar spring. These are located on the banks of river Thansi, and the hot water source stretch to a distance of about 7 kilometers. September to April is the ideal time to visit this hot water spring in Maharashtra.

12. Dhuni Pani – Madhya Pradesh

The hot water spring at Dhuni Pani, Madhya Pradesh.
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This hot water spring is not known widely because it is located in the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh. To reach the spring, you have to trek from Amarkantak which is a important place according to Indian mythology. The sacred water has spiritual significance. It is visited by people to cure themselves from aliments.

13. Sahastradhara – Uttarakhand

The hot water spring at Sahastradhara, Uttarakhand.
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Sahastradhara is located 18 kilometers from Dehradun and includes waterfalls and small caves. It is one of the commercial and most popular hot water springs in India, because of the facilities made available there. The water flows over and between limestone, making it flow in a structured pattern. It is also one of the biggest hot water springs in India.

14. Vashisht – Himachal Pradesh

The hot water spring at Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh.
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The Vashisht hot water spring is famous because of its mythological importance. The spring area has separate facilities for men and women and boasts of several medicinal properties. The body feels relaxing, and the experience feels like an ayurvedic treatment altogether.

15. Tapovan – Uttarakhand

The hot water spring at Tapovan, Uttarakhand.
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This hot water spring is located 14 kilometers from Joshimat. It is a rare phenomenon that has to be witnessed. Tapovan is a small village on the way to Kuari pass and because to its close proximity to Gangotri glacier, it is believed to be very divine. The steam coming off the water will look like the water is very hot. The water can boil eggs and cook rice, but will never burn your skin. Sounds very magical to be true right?

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