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Tips for Traveling in Mexico during the COVID-19 Era – Travel and Leisure

As travelers, we should be aware that our responsibility is not only to take care of ourselves, but also to reduce the risk to the population of the place where we come.

Tips for Traveling in Mexico

Is it safe to travel, where is it safe to go, is it better to go by car or plane? The journey between the COVID-19 epidemic has many questions. Traveling can be as risky as tourists want. But we should also consider that sometimes those who are at risk are members of the host community. As travelers, we need to be aware that our responsibility is not only to take care of ourselves, but also to reduce the risk to the population of the place where we arrive. Although each case is exclusively, and should be reviewed according to the terms of travel, we share this series of general recommendations for those deciding to travel in Mexico.

Where to go

Until the health crisis has been controlled, the recommendation is to avoid the destination (or activities) with crowds of people. More than a hindrance, it is an opportunity to open the door to more remote and secluded places that probably will not be on the list of potential holidays before. Now more than ever, the economy of some destinations depends on the reactivation of tourism.

A consultation before choosing the destination

Each case is different; There are people who put their health at greater risk in performing certain types of activities that do not represent such a high risk to others. A consultation, even by telephone, can clarify the panorama with the doctor as to what can be done and what is not.

Each case is unique and needs to be studied according to the conditions of travel and who is going to do it.

Tips for Traveling in Mexico

                                                                                                Tips for Traveling in Mexico

Research before booking

Just as the location, price and availability of dates are the primary factors before making a reservation; From now on, it will also be important to keep in mind the sanitary measures and restrictions put in the hotels, restaurants and destinations you plan to visit.

It is important to consider that your suitcase will contain new items that you may not have previously packed:

Multiple reusable masks.

More than one small bottle of antibacterial gel is distributed in various locations (cars, jackets, backpacks, etc.) to keep on hand at all times.

Carry a pack of sanitizing wipes.

Consider carrying additional shoes specifically designated for use in public places.

Open space

According to experts, repeatedly enclosing open spaces is much safer than the location of how particles carrying coronaviruses can behave. Factors that can be avoided by maintaining a healthy distance and staying in the airflow coming from a group of strangers are very important to avoid contagious. This applies to beaches, parks or any open space.

Tips for Traveling in Mexico

                                                                                                                     Tips for Traveling in Mexico

Do not take unnecessary risks

It is common to have an accident while traveling. It forces people to visit hospitals or doctors’ offices, this time the red hotspots of infection. Excessive activities or sports that can cause accidents in children should be avoided.

Road trip

The car is emerging as one of the best ways to travel while searching for a vaccine for COVID-19; This implies not choosing a destination so far away from home. It is useful to understand as a bubble that one should not try to break until arriving at the destination: if it is necessary to exit at some point, the hands must be washed before washing, so that hygiene is not compromised. Of car.

Traveling with pets

In the same way that you should disinfect your shoes, if a dog has walked on surfaces that can be considered a source of infection, you should clean its paws with soap and water. A vet should be consulted, as there are products such as chlorine that can harm the animal.

Post-travel measures

Whereas during his vacation the responsibility of the traveler is with the community that welcomes him. According to the article, on returning, he should do the same with those around his house. The recommendation is to try not to go out for 14 days to ensure that no one falls ill during the journey and that the virus does not spread further.

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