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Tipping in Guatemala, a full guide on who, when, and how to tip

Sharing is caring! Although Guatemala has a coastline on both the Pacific and the Caribbean Oceans, Guatemala is less known for its coastal resorts and is best known for the volcanic highlands and the fantastic Mayan sites dotted across the country. However, Guatemala isn’t a country that is particularly known for tourism, and those …


Amazing Madagascar – An Island From Another Planet

Things may get mixed up sometimes, and some people think that Madagascar is an African country; Perhaps because of the charm of people, their lacy clothes, their simple homes dyed in bright colors, the “zebu” carts pulled by cattle, and the loud language with which they communicate … But geography confirms otherwise because Madagascar is located in …


How To Control Your Temper – 10 proven Tips – Travel and Leisure

If you cannot control your anger, the very moment it will start controlling you. This can be disastrous for you and others. A little self-awareness and deliberate meditation will go a long way and holding your inner balance more consciously.  1. Happiness is self-fueling. When you make a decision with yourself which is taking up …