Self-defense tools to carry while traveling

Self-defense tools to carry while traveling

No matter how we want our trips to be full of glamour, beauty, and excitement, travel does come with its own set of insecurities and paranoia. With women traveling solo more than ever before, learning self-defense or carrying self-defense tools has become crucial. 

While everyone can’t learn the art of self-defense, carrying some hidden non-lethal self-defense tools while you are on the go would surely give you some comfort in knowing that you get prepared to defend yourself and your companion, if the need arises. Sometimes, all you need is a sense of security and readiness in attack situations.

In this post, I have compiled a list of brilliant self-defense tools that I carry or wear while traveling. These tools would make your travels relaxed and provide you with readiness in situations where you need to defend yourself. 

1. Defender Ring – one of the best self-defense tools

The Defender Ring self-defense ring has been the most powerful source of comfort for me during my travels. The best thing about the ring is that it looks like everyday jewelry, and therefore it does not give the impression to the attacker to think of it as a potential hidden weapon.

The ring has a removable ring top, with a blade underneath. In a dangerous situation, you need to unscrew the ring top to unsheathe the blade weapon that is sharp enough to tear the skin and draw the blood of the attacker. You can watch a video demonstrating the ring on the official website.

There is more. The defender ring is TSA approved.

image credit: defenderring

2. Personal Alarm

How about alerting people around you of your need for assistance with just a simple push of a button? Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. The personal alarm by Mace is equipped with a built-in backup whistle, thereby giving you that confidence while you walk through the globe. I am currently not a user of Mace but have heard some rave reviews from my traveler friends, and hence thought of including the product in the list.

Mace personal alarm
image credit: mace

3. Tactical Pen

The tactical pen by The Atomic Bear is an unexpected personal defense product. It is like any other regular pen (yes, it writes well) that you use in everyday life, with just some little variations, which the attacker would, of course, be ignorant of. It is made of sturdy military-grade aluminum. The pen is a non-lethal yet intimidating weapon. It will make you feel safer, especially in areas where weapons are prohibited. It has a glass breaker tip that shatters a car window in one strike.

The pen is of high quality, and travelers should consider buying one for themselves.

4. Self-defense Keychain

Sounds interesting, right? Well, Munio is a designer self-defense keychain tool created by a self-defense expert. The tipping point of the keychain is sharp enough to hurt an attacker. Its sleek body fits comfortably in the human hands making it easy to use to attack from front as well as from behind.

I got a keychain a year back and I have put it in the ring along with the house keys. Apart from carrying them in the keyrings, you can also simply keep them somewhere accessible in case of a sudden threat.

munio self-defense keychain
image credit: munio

5. Pepper Spray – one of the least preferred self-defense tools for me

An excellent tool for self-defense is, undoubtedly, pepper spray. Most of the women have been using it for the longest time, including me. However, carrying pepper spray is not always feasible.

Firstly, and most importantly, you cannot carry it in carry-on luggage. Secondly, when spraying pepper on an assailant, you need to be at a considerable distance from them, or else you will also end up having watery eyes.

Nevertheless, I still carry a spray while on the go but would use it only in the worst situation.

I Wish You Safe Travels!

These were the self-defense tools that I have been using for quite some time now. These accessories invariably bring me absolute peace of mind while I am traveling.

I hope this list was helpful, and you would soon invest in some of these travel accessories. Each of them is so important for us to travel unworried.

There are a few more on the list, which I will update after I use them.

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