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Securely Travel - Power Outage

The population of Texas is in crisis as the power grid which covers much of the state is failing. Unlike the rest of the lower-48 states, much of Texas is not attached to the national power grid, so there is no additional power resources to draw from. Texas and their power suppliers are more akin to Hawaii, than they are to Arkansas when it comes to power. Others will discuss how Texas and politics created this calamity, we’re going to share pointers to resources for the 2.5 million homes without power.

Warming Centers

Texas Division of Emergency Management has opened 298 warming centers, click on the map and you will be taken to the interactive map to find one in proximity to your location. If you are in Texas and unable to access the map, call 2-1-1

Follow the Texas Division of Emergency Management on Twitter.

Securely Travel - Texas warming centers - Texas Division of Emergency Management

The Red Cross also has an interactive map with information on their warming centers and shelters open in Texas. Click on the map to access their website and national map.

Securely Travel - Texas shelters and warming centers - Red Cross
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