Securely Travel Alert – 05 January 2021

Securely Travel Alert - 05JAN2021


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Securely Travel Alert - Civil Unrest

United States – Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington DC has requested a limited National Guard deployment to provide support to the Metropolitan Police Department for 05-06 January in anticipation of violence during the upcoming First Amendment demonstrations. The Mayor urged residents in the WashingtionDC-Virginia-Maryland area to avoid downtown Washington DC as it is anticipated that protestors present will be “looking for a fight.” Information on street closures and parking restrictions have been published (Click here).

The Government of Canada issued a travel alert to their citizens who are currently in the United States to avoid Washington DC due to the anticipated demonstrations.

Travelers in the Washington DC area may wish to avail themselves to the Washington DC government’s alert system – Alert-DC, which will send warnings and alerts to your device. Sign-up is available here.

United Kingdom – Protests are expected in London’s Parliament Square on 06 January as activists bring their resistance to the recent COVID lock down of the country to the streets.

Central Africa Republic – Armed groups are present in the streets attempting to disrupt the electoral process in the capital Bangui and elsewhere. U.S. Embassy has restricted its personnel movements.

Securely Travel Alert - Health

World Health Organization – The WHO has initiated a global effort to address the rapid spread of false information regarding COVID and other diseases.

United Kingdom – Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered England into a COVID lockdown. Scotland’s First Minister ordered Scotland into a similar lockdown. Northern Ireland and Wales are already under lockdown orders. The lockdown will affect travelers to the region, check with authorities before travel. Travelers from the UK can expect to need a negative COVID test in order to travel outside the country and expect a period of quarantine upon arrival at their destination country.

Canada – Beginning 07 January 2020, Canada is requiring all air travelers to the country to present a negative COVID test.

Belgium – The government has extended their restrictions on travel to Belgium. All arrivals staying in Belgium for more than 48 hours must complete a Passenger Locator Form to allow contact tracing. The government has designated a number of countries as “red zone” and travelers from those areas must self-isolate upon arrival and be COVID tested.

Peru – Travelers entering Peru must complete 14 days of mandatory quarantine at their residence or at a designated isolation center.

Chad – All commercial air travel in and out of Chad have been suspended.

Securely Travel Alert - Weather

Nothing significant to report

Securely Travel Alert - Travel Alerts, Advisories and Warnngs

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