🧿Clusters of lime washed hilltop villages are not just a figure of your imagination or a faded image on a dusty corner store postcard here in the Greek Islands. No! This breathtaking and eye blinding white scene is the heart of every little island here in the Cyclades, sporadically dotted with splashes of apricot for a colourful contrast or highlighted by cerulean blue church domes surrounded by weathered cubiform buildings.

After a whirlwind trip to Athens, MB (Monsieur Bleu) and I relished the thought of lying comatose on a beach for a few weeks whilst the rest of the world were swathed in a depressing COVID-19 blanket of fear. Greece seemed to be standing tall and resilient in their approach to this pandemic and opened their doors wide, welcoming everyone and anyone into their warm and comforting Mediterranean arms. And into them we ran, not really having an itinerary, but safe in the knowledge that we will 100% have a big fat fantastic time! Opa!

Under the Santorini Sun

Our first island to tackle was the ever famous Santorini. The Lost City of Atlantis (as she is sometimes referred) is just as magnificent in reality as she is in all the photos and picturesque Instagram moments are available every second of the day! It’s really too pretty at times to be real and gasps of “wow!” and “look at that!” begin each sentence, rendering even the most eloquent amongst us mute whilst the camera pans the majestical landscape. I actually wept the first time I saw Fira (Thira) Santorini’s largest and most popular town. It was just so…. WHITE & BLUE… with the occasional donkey clip clopping along the etched pathway, its little bell tinkling out a tune in time with his bobbing head. It was like living in a Greek Island snow dome!

Map of Santorini

There are two main towns here in Santorini that everyone must see. Fira and Oia. Both have views to Thirassia Island (which was originally part of Santorini until a volcanic eruption in 1628 BCE sunk the middle) creating the now much photographed Caldera (underwater crater). Fira, is in the centre and her lego land white neighbourhood stretches out along the high volcanic cliffs. She is best known for her caldera views, sunsets, nightlife and shopping and is more of a family friendly area and playground for the young and restless. It even has a 24 hour bakery for those that are in desperate need for a slice of spanakopita at 3am! Her rival town of Oia is in the north of the island and is smaller and more intimate, mostly favouring couples and newly weds. It is the ‘go to’ place for wedding photography in Greece hands down, offering breathtaking views, magnificent buildings and charming, twisting donkey filled lanes. Her sunsets are just as magnificent and we stayed three days in each of these towns, but Oia won our hearts in the end.

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