E-Ticket Dominican Republic – how to fill out the immigration form for your Punta Cana holiday?

Starting from the 1st of April 2021, it is mandatory to fill out an e-ticket for immigration when traveling to the Dominican Republic and Punta Cana. Fortunately, the process is pretty easy thanks to the e-ticket portal provided by the Dominican Republic government where you just have to fill out all the important information about you, your health and your holiday in Punta Cana or any other part of the country. In case you still have some questions about the new Dominican Republic e-ticket, have a look at the following guide, where I explain to you everything about the new immigration form for the Dominican Republic, any e-ticket problems you might encounter and any other entry requirement for your Punta Cana holiday.

 IMPORTANT: Please note that this guide is for informational purposes only. I try to keep it updated as much as possible, but visa requirements, entry restrictions and e-ticket regulations can change quickly. Please refer to your local embassy for further details and the latest information. Punta Cana Travel Blog can’t take any liability for travel disruptions, denied entry, additional travel expenses or any further consequences resulting from this article. However, it is written to the best of my knowledge and belief.

General Information about the Dominican Republic e-ticket

 The immigration e-ticket for traveling to the Dominican Republic is quite new and was only introduced at the end of 2020. It shall substitute the traditional paper forms which are usually handed out in the plane and filled out manually. From April 2021 onwards, the Dominican Republic e-ticket will be the only form of submitting your travel details for immigration purposes, making the paper forms obsolete. 

The e-ticket and immigration form is for all travelers who are entitled to enter the Dominican Republic visa-free, which are over 100 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, all European Schengen countries and most Central and South American countries. If you are from another country, check if you can travel to Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic visa-free at the following link*. 

 The e-ticket doesn’t substitute the tourist card, which is still mandatory for traveling to the Dominican Republic. However, as the tourist card nowadays is included in basically all flight tickets to the Dominican Republic, you don’t have to worry about it.

 It is important to know that you have to fill out an e-ticket for each arrival and departure into the Dominican Republic. This being said, you need to fill out an e-ticket form before arriving in Punta Cana and one before leaving from Punta Cana or any other airport in the Dominican Republic. 

 After filling out the e-ticket form correctly on the web portal, you get a QR-Code that can be downloaded and/or printed and which you simply show when reaching the Dominican immigration at the airport.

 In case you forget to enter your information into the Dominican immigration portal before heading off to Punta Cana, don’t worry, there is no deadline and you still can do so at the airport with the airport WiFi. However, it is definitely recommended to do it before your trip to the Dominican Republic to save time and any possible hassle. 

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How to fill out the e-ticket form for the Dominican Republic?

 Filling out the Dominican Republic e-ticket for immigration is easy, just follow the steps below. This step-by-step guide shows you everything you have to take care of. 

 Important: I highly recommend filling out the electronic immigration form with a desktop computer or notebook, as the page from the Dominican authorities is not yet optimized for mobile devices, including tablets. I also recommend using a popular browser such as Chrome, or Firefox in its most updated version. 

The e-ticket immigration form is best used with a desktop computer or notebook and a common browser such as Chrome or Firefox. 

1. Access the e-ticket portal in English

 To start with the process, access the official website of the Dominican Republic Ministry of Immigration* and click on “enter the form”. Make sure it is the official site from the Dominican government which ends with “”, the top-level-domain for official government-supported internet services.

Some visa service agencies offer help filling out the form or pretending to be the official immigration website of the Dominican Republic. Avoid these pages as the e-ticket is free and super easy, no paid service needed.

 In case the electronic ticket portal opens up in Spanish, you can switch the language in the upper right corner. The Punta Cana immigration form in English is available and accessible through this button in the corner.

2. Pick a security question and password

Once you clicked on “Enter the Form”, you can start the e-ticket process for your Punta Cana holiday.

 You’ll see a screen where you have to pick a security question and its answer. Remember them well (or write it down), as this is how you later can access your e-ticket application, just in case you have to stop the process and continue on another day. 

 The security question and its answer will also replace the typical username and password – this doesn’t exist at the Dominican Republic e-ticket portal.

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 You’ll also see a question “Are you traveling with someone else?” on this screen. Even if you are traveling with someone, I would recommend clicking “No” for two reasons:
– the e-ticket form sometimes causes problems when filling out for 2 or more people
– it is much easier to have one immigration QR-Code per person and you best achieve this by filling out the Dominican Republic e-ticket for each traveler

 Once you click on submit, you’ll get directed to the next screen, where you also see your application number, which you should write down, together with the security question and answer mentioned before.

The Dominican Republic e-ticket portal with its online immigration form

3. Enter your personal information (“General Information”)

 Now you can start with entering your personal information to get the immigration e-ticket and QR-Code for your Punta Cana vacation.

 In this step, you need to add the following information:

  • your permanent address
  • your country of residence
  • the city where you live (if your town is not on the list, pick the closest one next to you)
  • the mode of transportation (how you are going to travel to or from the Dominican Republic)
  • if you are arriving or leaving the Dominican Republic (note that you have to fill out one form for the arrival and one for the departure)
  • the state where you are from (might be pre-selected depending on the city you choose)
  • the zip code of your permanent address
  • if you have layovers or flight changes in any other country before traveling to Punta Cana

 Once you have completed all the boxes successfully, you can click on “Next” to proceed to the next screen.

The Dominican Republic e-ticket portal with its online immigration form

4. Enter your trip details (“Migratory Information”)

 When it comes to the migratory information, you are getting asked for all the details you are used to from ordinary immigration forms you usually fill out on the plane. Now, for the Dominican Republic, it has been moved to this online registration.

 For the migratory information, you have to fill out the following:

  • your first and last name
  • your date and place of birth
  • your gender
  • your nationality
  • your passport (twice, to avoid typos)
  • your civil status
  • your occupation (if you don’t find the right one, just pick “Other”)

 Now, you have to pick if you are staying in a hotel / all-inclusive resort, if you have booked an Airbnb or if you are staying elsewhere. Whatever you have booked for your Punta Cana vacation, pick the right choice for your e-ticket form.

 Depending on what you choose here, you either have to provide the full address of your Punta Cana Airbnb respectively any other guesthouse or apartment or you have to pick your hotel or all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic from a list. If you don’t find your hotel from the menu, you can also declare it as private lodging and add the address manually.

If you haven’t booked any accommodation yet it is recommended to enter the hotel you are most likely staying at for your first night in the Dominican Republic.

After choosing the right accommodation for the Dominican Republic e-ticket form, you have to provide further travel details such as:

  • name of the boarding port (airport where you are coming from)
  • flight number (just fill it in twice)
  • flight date
  • disembarkation port (airport where you are going to)
  • the reason why you are traveling (“Motive”)
  • the name of the airline (or ferry or cruise ship in case you are arriving in the Dominican Republic by sea) you are traveling with
  • the length of stay

Strange enough, the question for the purpose of your Punta Cana trip doesn’t allow you to pick “Tourism” or “Leisure”. Instead, the Spanish word for recreation was translated into “Playtime” which is a bit weird.

 Once you are done with this section, you are one step closer to finishing the Dominican Republic e-ticket and getting your immigration QR-code for your holiday in Punta Cana or elsewhere in the country.

The Dominican Republic e-ticket portal with its online immigration form

5. Customs information

 The e-ticket form continues with the typical questions of customs. What you are bringing in, what is not allowed, what items you have to declare when entering the Dominican Republic etc.

 The following customs information are requested: 

  • 1) if you are bringing in cash with the worth of 10.000 USD or more 
  • 2) if you are the owner of all the values you bring into the Dominican Republic
  • 3) if you are bringing in plants, animal or food products
  • 4) if you are bringing in any taxable items

 In case you respond to any question (except for number 2) with “Yes”, further boxes are opening up within the e-ticket portal where you can put in additional information.

The Dominican Republic e-ticket portal with its online immigration form

6. Health status (Covid-19 questions; “Public Health”)

 Last but not least, the Dominican Republic e-ticket form asks you for some information regarding your health as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Punta Cana and worldwide. This also includes some information about where you have been in the last 30 days. This is the last step where you have to fill out anything for your Punta Cana immigration form.

 The following details are being asked:

  • transit countries before arriving in the Dominican Republic
  • countries visited in the last 30 days
  • if you have had any symptoms of those listed in the e-ticket form in the last 72 hours

 To finish this page, you have to enter your phone number and click on submit.

The Dominican Republic e-ticket portal with its online immigration form

7. Accept conditions and send

 Now you are 95% done with requesting your e-ticket for entering the Dominican Republic visa-free. You now see two screens where you are asked if you used anyones’ help filling out the form and if you accept the terms and conditions.

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