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DIY Tricks to Personalise your RV


Just bought a recreational vehicle (RV)? Whether it is a few years of age or a tried and tested RV, you can still modernise and update it.

Maybe you feel you can improve on your RV. Or you feel that things are lacking inside. Or you feel there are some things you need to add. Or maybe you feel other things can be improved inside. Or maybe some things are no longer working for you and you want to change it.

Whatever your reason is or whatever age is your RV, it will be cool to give some good vibes for your RV. It will be great to customize your RV or make some DIYs inside. This is to give it some personality that is of your own or a dose of something unique inside your RV. 

    Why not add some cool artworks and hang them around? You can buy online and choose artworks that reflect your personality. You can also paint your own if this is something that is of your style.  Just make sure your artwork matches the theme you want inside.
    Why not try repainting your RV? Paint the walls or cabinets. You can do it in all parts of your RV or you can just do it in certain areas of your RV depending on your budget, either way this is a definite booster for your RV. Having a new paint can do wonders in changing the aura of the whole RV. Choose colours that perfectly match. Do not overdo it. You can stick to one colour or just a few basic colours, ideally around two. Using many different colors can make the interior look chaotic and feel cramped. Using white or light colors can help give the illusion of a bigger and brighter space. Changing colours of your RV can help you do the trick in personalising your RV.
    Curtains on RVs are a necessity. Curtains give privacy for you. But aside from this practical reason, it also gives a comfy and a cozy feel to your RV.  Do not overlook this tip of personalizing your RV. Changing your curtain is very simple and yet the impact can be awesome. It will create a definite great new vibe for your RV. Another useful tip is that if you do not want to drill on your RV, just use those hooks with double-side tape to use for your curtain holders.
    If you have worn out upholstery, upgrading it can give your RV a new uplift.  Re-upholstering it, changing the color to match your modernized RV will definitely help.
    Does your RV have a stove top cover? Some RVs already have one built in when you purchase them. Others don’t. If you don’t, it will be a good addition to your kitchen. Stove top covers keep the dirt and dust out. It also helps give extra space. You can buy a stove top cover or you can make one yourself.  This can be done using laminated wood. Other than a stovetop counter, you can even add a flip top. This is an extension to your kitchen. This is useful to give extra space for cooking. Another upgrade is also to have a sink cover. Aside from the purpose of covering the sink, this can also be good as extra space. This sink cover can also double up as a simple cutting board. You can do this by sawing wood that fits exactly to your sink. Last tip for upgrading your kitchen and making extra space for plates is a vertical plate rack storage. You just need bungee cords and metal cable clips.
    Interesting little furniture or decorations on tables can make a big difference to your RV. You can buy those unique pieces. But if you want a truly unique and personalised one, why not do something yourself? Do you have mason jars? place some interesting items inside them, or you can also make lanterns out of mason jars.  Such mason jars are good conversational pieces inside your RV.
    Putting in mirrors can make the RV look bigger and more spacious. They can reflect natural light, hence making the inside of your RV feel larger.  However, choose mirrors that are not too big and not too heavy.
    What is your current flooring for your RV? There are ways you can do your flooring. One way is through the carpet. Depending on the style that you want, you can choose carpets that match your themed interior. The type of carpet can depend on your budget and your taste. If you are tired of the usual carpets, you can also use laminated wood or even floor stickers. Avoid heavy flooring for your RV. For laminated wood, there also so many types to choose from! If you want to have some fun, floor stickers are also great options. There are even 3D stickers you can buy for your floors! This can definitely add some funk into your RV.
    ​Although you may only be using caravan covers when your RV isn’t in use, it helps personalise your investment while also protecting it. There are a number of options for this that allow your personality shine through even when you aren’t on the road. Professional suppliers will have an extensive range of caravan covers to choose from.

​There you have it folks! You don’t need to spend a lot of money renovating or remodelling your RV to suit your personality and taste. You just need a bit of creativity and some good ideas to create that RV that truly feels like your home.There you have it folks! You don’t need to spend a lot of money renovating or remodelling your RV to suit your personality and taste. You just need a bit of creativity and some good ideas to create that RV that truly feels like your home.

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