DIY Travel Décor: How to Make a Pinboard World Map

How do you make a pinboard world map for your family trips in under 5 minutes?

If you’re a visual person like me, then you love to gaze at all the destinations you’ve ever visited on your detailed and customized canvas world map!

How then can you turn your world map on canvas into a pinboard world map to mark all your travels, where you can pin all your family adventures (and also the ones without your kids lol)?

DIY Travel Decor: How to Make a Pinboard World Map

Necessary material

  • craft board, or foam board, available at the Dollar Store ($1.50/panel) and Walmart (the thickness of the board doesn’t matter because the canvas is thick enough that the pins won’t touch the wall on which you’ll hang your pinboard world map
  • scissors or Exacto
  • measuring tape
  • rule
  • pencil

Step 1: Take measurements of the inside your world map canvas

Turn the world map canvas upside down and measure the height inside the canvas fairly, because the craft panel you insert will have to be tight enough to hold well without having to glue it.

Measure the width between the edge of the canvas and the piece of wood that runs through the middle of the canvas.

The wooden piece of wood has been installed in the middle to solidify the canvas so that it lasts a very long time. If your canvas doesn’t have that middle wooden piece, no worries: it means that its size and/or design doesn’t require it to ensure its solidity.

You will insert 3 pieces of foam board, like a puzzle very easy to install.

Step 2: Draw the measurements taken on your foam board

From the measurements taken at the previous point, draw the lines to cut on your foam board.

Step 3: Cut your foam board the right size with scissors or an Exacto.

Be careful where you’ll cut it: you won’t want to cut your beautiful dining table!

It may make a little mess when you cut your foam board, but no worries, it’s easy to clean up 😉

Step 4: Insert one after the other your cut foam board panels on the back of your world map canvas.

There you go! It’s all done!

Now you know how to make a pinboard world map to pin all your travels! All you have to do is hang it on the wall with a nail, or Command strips (which avoids making holes in the walls).

Then you’ll add pins over time to immortalize your family travels!

You can pin the countries you’ve visited as a family, as a couple, solo, and those you want to visit soon!

Looking for a unique, hand-drawn world map?

Click here to download your free printable world map

Comment below and tell me how your DIY pinboard world map went! And feel free to send me a nice photo of the finished result: among the photos I will receive, I will share several on my Instagram, and I will tag you of course, so that the whole community of traveling families will see your beautiful home decor travel journey!


DIY Travel Décor: How to Make a Pinboard World Map2021-02-16Easy Planet Travel

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