Cycling For Beginners: What You Will Need

Considering taking up cycling but unsure how or what you will require? With our easy-to-follow beginner tips, you can get started cycling right away.


Cycling will enhance your posture and strengthen your bones while also increasing your endurance, flexibility, strength, and joint mobility. It is a fantastic fat-burner, particularly around the abdomen, and it can also lower your risk of disease. It is also beneficial to your mental health. Anxiety, depression, and stress have all been shown to be minimized by cycling. Finally, it engages all of the major muscle groups while staying low-impact and, crucially, enjoyable.


What do you need to start cycling?


There are no prizes here for answering ‘a bike’ – it is pretty difficult to cycle without one! However, you must tread cautiously when selecting a bicycle, especially if you are investing a lot of money into it. Before you buy a bike, think about how you will use it. There are different kinds, and they can make a huge difference.


A road bike is an obvious option if you just intend to travel on roads. These usually have little to no suspension, slick tires, and are very light. They are the fastest bikes you can purchase, and you will be shocked at how easily you can accelerate with them.


A mountain bike is made to be rode off the beaten path. They’ll be much heavier than a road bike, with heaps of suspension and dense tires with excellent grip. They are much more durable and can easily handle rugged terrain.


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There are other types of bikes, but most beginners opt for one of these. Once you have got your bike, there are other things that you will need.


First and foremost, you need a helmet. It is a non-negotiable if you want to protect yourself from severe or even fatal head injuries in the event you come off your bike. Don’t be tempted to skimp on this – buy the best that your budget allows for and ensure that it fits properly. 


While your bike will come with a seat most of the time, you may want to swap it out for one that is better suited to you. Women and men often require different saddles and older riders may want to get a more comfortable bicycle seat


You will also want to consider getting some basic repair equipment. After all, you do not want to be out on a ride miles from home and be caught out with a puncture. Carry a spare inner tube or two, a portable pump, and an Allan key, just to be on the safe side – and learn how to use them. That way, you can sort out the basic problems yourself. 


The only other essentials are hi-vis clothing and lights. When it starts getting dark before 5 pm, there’s a good chance you’ll be riding in the pitch-black. Bike lights are a legal requirement – you’ll need a red light to attach to the rear of your bike and white lights for the front.

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