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10 Things To Know Before Becoming an Online English Teacher

Written by Nicola Rae Nic is a fulltime writer for Goats On The Road. She’s a former classroom teacher turned full-time traveler and online English teacher. In June 2017, she stumbled on an online English teaching gig that allowed her to travel anywhere with good WiFi. She got TEFL certified, packed up her classroom and …


A Romantic Getaway 3 days Itinerary to New York City

Disclosure: asked us to share our travel experiences in Ft. Lauderdale, while all opinions remain our own. New York City is one of the most romantic destinations in the United States, making it the best place to take your significant other on vacation. In this guide we have included the most romantic things to …

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Physical and Mental Health Benefits of White Water Rafting in California

With almost 40 million residents, California is the most populous state in the United States of America. It is surrounded by the states of Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Baja California, and the Pacific Ocean. The Golden State boasts of being the world’s trendsetter in entertainment, economy, communication, innovation, and popular culture.  Apart from the usual beaches, …


How to Get Around a Big City When You’re Visiting | Top World Travels

Visiting a big city can be one of the most exciting vacations to take. Big cities have an energy about them that can be enticingly captivating. There’s so much to see and do. Between the various attractions to see during the day and the night life, there is something for pretty much everyone to enjoy. …


Backpacking in Mauritania, a 2-week itinerary

Mauritania is characterized for being exceptionally raw and authentic, a desert country filled with nomads and where tradition still prevails over modernity, as I have said in previous articles. Nestled just between Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa, Mauritania is one of the off-the-beaten-track countries closest to Western Europe, a barely explored destination easily reached by air, …