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For years, mountains have enchanted mankind. Some mountains have their own weather system and unique biodiversity, while some literally define different countries and landscapes. These awe-inspiring peaks allow you to form a deep bond with both nature and yourself, as well as provide a spiritual getaway from everyday life – something we all desire when we travel, especially the present In time.

Knowing how travel is the one thing that everyone around the world loves to do, 2020 has been a difficult year in that regard. With worldwide travel restrictions, there is hardly anyone left who does not itch to sit on that airplane and fly to their favorite destination. While online virtual travel is nothing short of a savior in these unprecedented times, in-person travel is something that will never lose its shine – it is an irreplaceable experience and one that people cherish forever.

For adventure and nature lovers, in particular, experiencing the mountains and the beauty of nature in person becomes all the more important. The rush to start the trek to those great and powerful peaks and the thrill of finally reaching the summit is out of the world. If you love someone who loves magnificent mountains, then you come to the right place. We have prepared a list of the finest peaks in which travelers should travel by bus, regardless of their beauty, grandeur and sheer radiance. Just look!

Spoiler ALERT! Don’t expect to see Mount Everest on this list, because – well – who doesn’t want to go there?

1. Matterhorn, Switzerland / Italy

This alpine peak that crosses the borders of Switzerland and Italy is smaller than the famous Mont Blanc, but its striking pyramid shape makes it a poster child for the Alps. Today, every year, more than 2000 individuals measure this peak. If you are ready to be one of those individuals, the Hornley Ridge route is the most popular route and the best in summer. Otherwise, take a fun trip without climbing from Jermet to Rothorne for jaw dropping views.

Matterhorn, Switzerland / Italy

2. Mount Logan, Canada

Canada’s tallest mountain and North America’s second highest peak, Mount Logan, has the largest base circumference compared to the various mountain ranges on the world map. Surrounded by dense forests, frozen rivers, picturesque landscapes, wild animals and many bird species, hikers can expect an adventurous experience. The height of Mount Logan is still increasing today due to tectonic activity in this region.

Mount Logan, Canada

                                                                                                                               Mount Logan, Canada

3. Vinicunca, Peru

Also known as ‘Rainbow Mountain’, Vinicunca of Peru is almost another type. The mountain, whose pink and yellow streaks are caused by mineral deposits, and its summit reaches the challenging, six-day Ausangte trek. The trek is challenging, but definitely worth it for the views. The trail is in its best during the winter months of Peru and in April – November.

Vinicunca, Peru

Vinicunca, Peru

4. Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu is Borneo’s highest mountain and is recognized internationally due to its huge biodiversity. With over 600 species, 326 species of birds, and 100 species of mammals, Mount Kinabalu is an experience of sorts. A person with a good physical condition can comfortably climb the main summit of a mountain without mountaineering equipment, but climbers must be assisted by guides at all times.

Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

                                                                                                                        Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

5. Kirkjüfel, Iceland

Kirkjafel is located on the northern coast of peninsula in a fishing village. Despite an elevation of just 1,500 feet, it is one of the most popular and photographed mountains in the world and can be seen to a great extent during its 11-hour journey, which includes a lava tube cave, a black-pebbled sea A trip to the coast is also included. And the volcano of Snæfellsjökull. That being said, you will be campaigning extensively not to see this peak under the Northern Lights.

Kirkjufel, Iceland

Kirkjufel, Iceland

So, there you have – 5 peaks – apart from Mount Everest – that travelers and adventure seekers must visit at least once. We guarantee you that the ideas are worth the effort. If you want to watch them in advance, an online video tour is always an option. Traveling virtually allows you to always have a deeper, deeper look into what you would experience on a personal trip to a certain place.

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