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7 amazing waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland is full of beautiful landscapes and amazing places worth to see across glaciers, lagoons, volcanoes, canyons and waterfalls.

If there is one thing that you definitely will see during your trip to Iceland (either is short or long) are waterfalls. With more than 10,000 waterfalls around the country, it’s a waterfall paradise, as I like to call it!

Some are more visited than others depending on the access they have and how popular they have become. If you go on a road trip you will quickly realize that there are many other waterfalls not so known just off the road and that will impressive you just like the most popular ones.

In this mini-guide I will show you some of my favourite waterfalls and how to access them to make sure you make the most of your trip!


The Gullfoss falls are often known as the Golden Falls. Created by the glacial river Hvítá they have an impressive plunge of water of 32m (104 ft) deep.

It’s one of the easiest waterfalls to see with walking platforms around with no need to hike. From Reykjavik it’s about 1 hour 30 minutes and there is a car park there with free parking.

I found them really beautiful with some traces of snow still lying around.


Seljalandsfoss is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland and probably my favourite of them all.

Its located 2 hours away from Reykjavík with an easy access just off the main road (ring road – route 1).

The beauty of this waterfall lies in the power of the water dropping 60 metres deep surrounded by the natural Icelandic landscape. Also you can see it from different angles by walking behind the falls if the weather allows it.


Dettifoss has the greatest volume of any other waterfall in Europe with 500 cubic metres of water per second plunging over the edge.

Located in the northeast of Iceland, the water comes from the nearby Vatnajökull glacier. The falls are 100 metres (330 ft) wide dropping 44 metres (144 ft) down to the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon.

Dettifoss can be reached by Route 862 or Route 864 but you should know that both roads are closed during winter only opening at the end of May or early June.


Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland with a width of 25m (82ft) and a drop from a 60m (196ft) cliff.

There is a stair access on the side of the waterfall that will take you to the observation platform at the top with a spectacular view of the water falling down.

If you’re lucky enough maybe you get to see a rainbow but most probably you will just get a splash or two! The access is easy and not far from the Ring Road at the Skógar village.


It’s not one of the most popular sites that people normally visit but I was intrigued by the bright blue water against the volcanic rocks.

In fact this is not just one waterfall but a series of waterfalls formed by rivulets streaming over a distance of about 900 metres out of the Hallmundarhraun lava field, creating this unusual natural phenomenon of the bright blue colours.

There are wooden pathways around to different point of views and the access it’s quite easy from the main road.

7 amazing waterfalls in Iceland | My Passport Abroad

7 amazing waterfalls in Iceland | My Passport Abroad


Svartifoss is located in Skaftafell just off the Vatnajökull National Park.

At 20m tall the Black Fall, like it’s called, has unique black columnar basalt formations all around the water which makes it really beautiful to look at from far.

To get there you can park your car at the Skaftafell visitor centre and from there it’s a 1.5 kilometres hike to the waterfall.


Located just 25 minutes from Akureyri there is no way you want to miss this waterfall.

Easy accessible from the main road, the landscape was covered in snow with the sun shining which made it just breathtakingly beautiful.

Different from most of the other waterfalls, Goðafoss has only a small drop of 12m (39ft) but spreads 30m (98ft) width and the water is so powerful that you can barely distinguish it as creates a sort of mist in the air.

7 amazing waterfalls in Iceland | My Passport Abroad

7 amazing waterfalls in Iceland | My Passport Abroad

7 amazing waterfalls in Iceland | My Passport Abroad

As a final tip don’t forget your waterproof jacket and boots as these places are often muddy. Also splashes from the waterfalls are frequent. Enjoy!


Have you been to Iceland or have plans to? Would love to hear your plans and experiences!


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