54 Things To Do On A Staycation in Your Home Town

No matter how much you crave it, sometimes you can not go on an overseas holiday. You may have a lack of funds, no time, or the worldwide pandemic restrictions are limiting where you can holiday. During times like these, having a holiday in your local area is a perfect choice. Therefore, we’ve written this post to give you ideas for things to do on a staycation in your home town! This post is about things you can do in your town to turn your home town into a holiday destination. It is for anyone who wants to have a holiday. Keep reading for 54 Things To Do On A Staycation in Your Home Town.

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So, a Staycation?

Yes, a staycation! It is where your holiday is in your own country and does not involve travel abroad. A staycation is also commonly used to refer to travel and accommodation that is near your home, or where you use your home as the base and explore places in your home town. 

It can involve more extended travel to other areas in your country. However, for this post, it is about a staycation in your own home town.  

A staycation in your home town has many benefits, among them being the time and money saved on getting to your destination. Yet you can still do the type of things you love to do on holiday. And a staycation can be a day trip, a weekend trip or longer.


Get Ready to Go On Holiday

Our ideas of things to do on a staycation in your home town are the things that travellers love to do when travelling to new places. We find that when you are in your own home town, you do not do the things you would generally do if you were a visitor. Having a staycation involves an open mind, a positive attitude and a view to seeing your home town as a tourist would.

Preparing for Your Staycation

Start by deciding on what sort of staycation you will take. Will you use your car or public transport to get there? Can you afford a few days in a fancy resort or will you have a budget trip for a night? Do some research beforehand, and book accommodation to make sure you are staying somewhere that will increase that holiday feeling. Your choice of accommodation can make your holiday even more special. For the ultimate holiday experience, take at least 2 or 3 nights and check into your preferred style of accommodation.

We use for all our bookings because they offer free cancellation and no hidden costs. They are currently offering post lockdown specials so have a look and book something. You can always cancel later if you need to.

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Now that you have planned the type of staycation you want, here is the list of ’54 Things To Do On A Staycation in Your Home Town’ to help you turn your home town visit into a holiday to remember. 

But don’t forget you are going on holidays, so pack the things you love to take on holidays. Make sure you bring your camera and explorers attitude. And make sure you leave all your work and any worries behind. 

54 Things To Do On A Staycation in Your Home Town

Getting There

Make ‘getting there’ part of your holiday experience. When flying, you miss out on the sights on the way to your destination. These ideas enable you to start your holiday from the minute you leave the front door and see everything along the way.

  • Take a train trip. We love train trips. A train trip is all about the journey. You can spend hours looking out the window while you unwind and leave everything behind you while getting to your destination.
  • Go on a road trip. A road trip is one of the best ways to see your local area. It enables you to take things at your own pace and stop when you want. You could even hire a fun car for the occasion.
  • Rent a camper. It is our favourite type of trip. You have your transport and accommodation all sorted out from the start, and you just stop and sleep wherever takes your fancy.

Checking In

  • Stay in a 5-star hotel. The money you save on expensive airfares can go towards splashing out on expensive accommodation. Make it all about the accommodation and spend days indulging in your hotel’s offerings.
  • Go camping. Another side of your home town is to go camping. Buy a tent and then enjoy a budget holiday while seeing the best of nature in your area. Alternatively, if you are not overly fond of roughing it, you could try glamping which is camping with luxurious accommodation and facilities. For more information on glamping, check out All About Glamping.
  • Book a local Airbnb. You could choose one with a hot spa or rural views. You won’t need to do much on this type of holiday except, relax and indulge in excellent food, drinks and views.
  • Stay at a beachfront resort or motel. Our favourite thing to do is to find a resort or motel with a balcony overlooking the sea. Take walks on the beach and have fun in the sun (weather permitting). Allow the ocean views to rejuvenate you all day.


  • Start with celebration drinks. We always start our holidays with drinks. We are celebrating after all! So whether it is at the hotel bar or a bar nearby, have a couple of drinks to celebrate being on holidays.
  • Have a picnic or BBQ in the park. Pack your favourite foods, a blanket, music and a carefree attitude and spend the day relaxing in a local park. 
  • Have sunset drinks on a rooftop bar. See the best views your town has to offer and enjoy drinks at sunset from a rooftop bar.
  • Go out for breakfast. Have that big breakfast or a cake and cappuccino and start the day by indulging in your favourite foods.
  • Go to a vineyard for wine tasting. For those who like to take indulgence to another level, go on a wine tasting tour. Or if there is no vineyard in your area, you can also have a great tasting experience in a wine bar.
  • Enjoy fine dining. Splash out on an elegant restaurant you have dreamed of trying out. Further, get dressed up for the occasion and make a night of it.

Embrace the Explorer Within

  • Drop by a Visitors Information centre. Learn about your town from a traveller’s perspective. Pick up some free brochures about your town and spend an hour or two browsing them over a cup of coffee. 
  • Go on a tour of your town. If yours has a “hop on hop off bus” these self-guided tours will drive you to all the major attractions of your town. Otherwise, use the brochures you collected to guide you on a day of visiting the recommended top 10 landmarks in your town.
  • Go to church or other holy places. Even if you don’t follow the faith, be like a tourist and go for the architecture, cultural experience and peaceful vibes.
  • Tour the historical sites in your area. Find out the heritage attractions of your area and visit them. It could include old buildings or monuments, but also parks or other sites.
  • Visit the statues and street art in your town. Most places have statues to honour, memorialise or to beautify the town. If not, explore any outdoor fixture and make sure to look out for street art.
  • Try geocaching. Have you tried geocaching? It is where you go on a treasure hunt using your GPS. We recently discovered it, and it can be addictive. Just sign up at the official Geocaching site and get ready for an adventure. 
  • Go on a photographic tour. If there are tours offered by photographers in your town, they will usually take you to the best locations for the most Instagram-worthy photos. Otherwise, check out Instagram for a location search of your area and make your own photographic tour.
  • Visit a nearby town. You don’t need to stay in your home town to enjoy a staycation. You can do all the above things in a nearby town or any town!

Get Outdoors

  • Day at the beach. Spend the day at the beach, swimming or relaxing and watching the waves. Further, our holiday wouldn’t be complete without beachside walks, dining out by the sea and drinks on the balcony at our beachfront accommodation.
  • Spend the day at the lake or river. Equally as pleasing, is a day on the lake or river where you can indulge in a picnic, go kayaking, fishing or freshwater swimming.
  • Visit a national park. See if they have huts or cabins available and make the most of nature on an overnight trip.
  • Go to the botanical gardens. If there are no national parks close enough to your home town, you can visit the local gardens. Usually, there are beautiful flowers and a cafe to enjoy for a few hours.
  • Go to a garden centre with a cafe. Garden centres are a wonder for the senses. Additionally, you may find some plants you love to take home to try your hand at gardening. We also check to see there is a cafe, as then we get to have coffee and cake surrounded by lovely plants.
  • Take a drive to a produce farm. Choose one that offers pick-your-own or one that provides fresh produce at the gate.
  • Watch the sunset. Ahh, our favourite outdoor activity! Preferably at the beach with a cocktail in our hand.
  • Spend the day fishing. Not only do you get to spend hours relaxing on the water’s edge, but if you get lucky, you’ll be eating fresh fish for dinner.

Adventure Activities

  • Go skiing. If you are in Winter and near snowfields, indulge in some fun in the snow. Otherwise, you could also go ice skating or even roller-skating.
  • Take a coastal walk or bushwalk. Hiking is one of those activities that allow you to get fit, as well as explore all the natural wonders of your area.
  • Climb a mountain. It’s not for everyone, but mountain climbing is another way to get fit but also to explore nature while exploring your thoughts.
  • Go on a bike ride. There is a resurgence in bicycle riding all over the world. It’s a safe and healthy way to travel, and it’s quicker than walking and more fun than a car.
  • Get rowdy at a sporting event. The adrenalin and enjoyment of seeing a favourite sports team can make you feel energised.
  • Go bowling. Whether it is tenpin or outdoor bowls, it is a couple of hours of fun you can have even when you are not on holiday.
  • Have a round of golf. Or you could start with mini-golf if you are new to the sport.
  • Go snorkelling or diving. Discover what wildlife lives in the water in your home town.

For Connoisseurs of Relaxation

  • Go to a spa for the day. Indulge yourself in a massage or facial and come out feeling rejuvenated.
  • Go to a health or yoga retreat. Alternatively, go for whole body rejuvenation and get healthy while cleansing your mind and body. If there are no retreats in your area, look for a yoga or meditation class.
  • Splash out on a boat cruise. Does your home town have a harbour, lake or river? Enjoy a day out on the water on a cruise or yachting. Better yet, go on an overnight cruise if available.
  • Try stargazing. If your area doesn’t have stargazing tours, download an app such as Skyview for a self-guided tour of the skies. Choose somewhere where there is not much light from city streets. Perhaps by the sea or somewhere in the countryside.
  • Hang out in a local cafe. Holidays are not just about doing lots of things all the time. We are slow travellers and love nothing more than spending a few hours at a local cafe without the need to rush. We love the opportunity to take on the views while eating and people watching.
  • Read a book. Choose a lovely cafe, the beach or your hotel balcony with a view and spend the day reading a book without having to worry about doing anything else. 

Arts & Culture

  • Visit a Museum. Nothing says holiday more than taking a few hours to leisurely browse through a museum. Even if museums are usually not on your radar, it is something new you can try. 
  • Pop into an art gallery. Same as museums, art galleries are predominantly the domain of tourists. But embrace the artist within and see another side of your home town. You may be surprised by the inspiration you get.
  • Go to a concert. Whether it is an orchestra, ballet, a pop concert or a free acoustic session at a local pub, concerts enable you to discover new sounds and release feel-good endorphins.
  • Support the Arts Industry by going to the theatre. It is a surprise how many people never go to the theatre until they go on holiday. Shout yourself to a night of live drama or even a comedy show.

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For the Young at Heart

  • Go on a bar crawl.  If bars are open in your town and it’s safe, what could be more fun than staying in a city centre hotel in the middle of all the nightlife and bar-hopping till dawn?
  • Amusement park. We love visiting amusement parks when we travel. If open, you can have a day of fun and adventure.
  • Go to the zoo or visit an aquarium. Seeing animals is a refreshing way to spend the day. And zoos and aquariums offer the opportunity to see animals that you may not get to see. Alternatively, you could visit a lake or reserve that is known for wildlife and see animals in their natural habitat.

For the Discerning Traveller

  • Go to the market or farmers market. Don’t start getting your weekly groceries. It is about the sights and sounds and sampling new foods. Pick up some local delicacies and have lunch in your hotel or a park.
  • Do a one day cooking class. Cooking classes are a fun activity that rewards you with something delicious to eat. And you get to take a new recipe home.
  • Antique shopping. Visit antique shops, hunt for some treasure and take home a relic from the past. Or go on a journey of discovery.
  • Vacation at home. Much easier than a vacation in your home town and with many options, is a vacation at home. You don’t need to spend any time travelling or even get out of your pyjamas. Visit our post 73 In-home Staycation Ideas During Lockdown for ideas on home to turn your stay at home into a holiday experience.

What do you think of our things to do on a staycation in your home town? Are you inspired to go on a staycation?

Don’t stay home, test out your travel feet and go out for a weekend staycation. Which ideas do you like for your staycation? Leave us a comment and let us know where you are thinking of going. We would love to hear about your staycation ideas.


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