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[2020] Shi Li Fang Hotpot | Ultimate Order Hacks

Taiwanese Shi Li Fang hotpot restaurant offers quality ingredients at wallet-friendly price as compared to Hai Di Lao. They have 14 outlets in Singapore and new branches are coming soon.

If you are looking for cheap steamboat, read on for my tip on how to make your money worth at Shi Li Fang hotpot restaurant  or read my review on another affordable hotpot restaurant, known as Pot Addiction that is located at Sembawang.

Always ask for the Shi Li Fang’s Set Meal Menu 

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Shi Li Fang hot pot restaurant have two menus, 1 is the ala carte hot pot menu and the other is the set meal hotpot menu. The first time we went, they offered us the ala carte menu instead. But after doing some research, I realised that it is more worth it if we have ordered from the set meal menu! Damnnn!

Shi Li Fang’s Seafood and Meat Ala Carte Menu

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Shi Li Fang offers the meat and seafood in normal portion and half portion for you to choose from.

We ordered Japanese kurobuta pork, shi li fang pork tenderloin, shilifang specialty beef, superior lamb slice, shi li fang specialty chicken, and cheese tofu that came in cute heart shapes. Got ourselves the prawn & fish roe paste as well. 

In my opinion, after ordering both the full portion and half portion. I recommend to always order the full portion as the half portion is a tad too small. 

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In my opinion, the half portion is too small. Just opt for the full portion.

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Our other portions of the beef that was nicely sliced. 

Shi Li Fang’s Soup Base Menu

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We ordered 4 soup bases,  Shi Li Fang’s specialty mala soup at level 1 spiciness, it turned out pretty good, not too mild, just nice!

We ordered the ravishing tomato soup, tasty mushroom soup and the japanese style pork bone soup.

The mushroom soup base was quite nice though bland at the start. But after cooking some ingredients, it became very flavourful. Mala was the hot favourite as usual. 

The pork bone soup was super yummy from the start, even without cooking any ingredients in it. I found myself helping myself to the pork bone soup often. ( I’m usually not a soup person but it was too good that I couldn’t resist).

We ordered mostly meat and some golden mushroom. The total bill came up to be about $34/35 per pax. 

Shi Li Fang’s Ala Carte Vegetable Menu

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So because we ordered ala carte, for vegetables, we had sweet potato vermicelli, oyster mushroom, lotus root, chinese cabbage, tang oh, and some handmade noodle.

For the handmade noodle, they did a small performance just like Hai Di Lao style. But i think this differs per outlet. Some outlets, they just prepare the noodle without any performance. I think it’s really going the fuss free style. Or maybe it’s because they know we are locals, not foreigners. 

More worth it to order chicken/pork set meal

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The second time, we learnt the tactic and ordered from the set meal menu, but we ordered the mussels 3 person menu. And again, the dishes felt a little too little. Then I realised that it’s because we ordered the seafood. 

Had we ordered the set meal for 3 pax(without Beef and Lamb), we would have gotten the following:

Japanese kurobuta pork + pork belly + shilifang pork tenderloin+shilifang specialty chicken + crispy pork

When we ordered the seafood 3 person menu, we got:

Superior chicken slice + superior marbled pork slice + prawn + mussel. And the best part is, only one person out of the 3 of us eats mussel. So it was a bit of a waste. But we ordered 3 Vegetable Platter C. 

Promotion: Enjoy Shi Li Fang Hotpot at $9.90++ anytime of the week

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This is the good stuff, if you dine in with this flyer at Shi Li Fang, you get to receive a free gift and the value set meal is at $9.90++ . When I went to Shi Li Fang for the second time, I saw many couples using this discount,and that was on a weekday night! 9.90++ for a hotpot dinner is a super good deal! 

List of Shi Li Fang Outlets and their locations in Singapore

Planning to dine at shi li fang and accumulate stamps to redeem plush toys? Refer to the list below, they have many outlets islandwide! 

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Call them now at their Hotline: +65 6870 8888

Shi Li Fang Flagship store At Orchard Central 

 181 Orchard Road #07-10/11 Singapore 238896

tel: 6870 8880

Shi Li Fang at Thomson Plaza

301 Upper Thomson Rd #01-40/41/42  Singapore 574408

Shi Li Fang at Bedok Point

799 New Upper Changi Road #03-38/39 Singapore 467351

tel:6870 8890

Shi Li Fang at Compass One

1 Sengkang Square #02-37 Singapore 545078

tel: 6870 8895

Shi Li Fang at Junction 10

1 Woodlands Road #01-32 Singapore 677899

tel: 6870 8896

Shi Li Fang at J-Cube

2 Jurong East Central 1,#02- 08 A Singapore 609731

tel:6870 8886

Shi Li Fang at Junction 9

18 Yishun Ave 9, #01-32/44, Singapore 768897(预计12月份开业)

Shi Li Fang at Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Road #B1-30 Singapore 059413

tel:65 6870 8883

Shi Li Fang at City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Rd #02-53/54 Singapore 208539

tel:65 6870 8885

Shi Li Fang at West Coast Mall

154 West Coast Road #02-24 Singapore 127371

tel: 6870 8889

Shi Li Fang at Icon Village

1 Hougang Street 91 #01-23 Singapore 538692

tel: 68708892

Shi Li Fang at Eastpoint Mall

3 Simei Street 6 #02-04 Singapore 528833


Shi Li Fang at KINEX(One KM)

11 Tanjong Katong Road #02-17/18 Singapore 437157

tel:6870 8893

Shi Li Fang at Tiong Bahru Plaza

302 Tiong Bahru Rd #02-112 Singapore 168732


Shi Li Fang at Sembawang Shopping Centre

604 Sembawang Road #01-21 Singapore 758459

tel: 6870 8897

Shi Li Fang at The Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-89, Singapore 138617

tel: 6870 8899

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