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10 Things you need to look for in a Travel Insurance for post-COVID-19 Travel plans

post-COVID-19 is the most desirable thing after people have locked themselves
down in their homes. They have lived with the monotonous routine to break which
traveling comes as the most robust choice. But before you make that plan final,
make sure you buy Travel insurance.

You don’t want your travel plan to be the disgust for the whole life you regret. Right? The better option is to maintain hygiene and buy travel insurance to manage unforeseen losses. While you think to purchase travel insurance online, you must make a note of a few essentials explained below:

  1. Whether the policy provides coverage for COVID-19 or not?
    When the pandemic hit the world, people stopped traveling. It was because they wanted to keep the illness away. Second, they were unsure whether international travel plans would offer them health protection if infected by the Coronavirus. Soon, the insurers broke the belief and confirmed that they will cover emergency medical costs in case of hospitalization. But will not pay for the cost incurred due to isolation and quarantine. [Read more: How to travel safe post-Corona?]
  2. Trip Cancellation Cost.
    Nothing in the world ever seemed so uncertain until COVID-19 happened. You may have plans and made bookings. But unexpected circumstances like these may arise when:
    ● Either you are at detected corona positive,
    ● Family members are found positive.
    ● The destination is closed due to the high number of corona cases.
    In a scenario like this, when you have to cancel the trip, check whether the international travel plan will cover the trip cancellation cost.
  3. Cover the cost of cancellation of the flight tickets and hotel bookings.
    In common cases, when you are traveling abroad, it is obvious that you might have made advance bookings for convenience. But what if at the last moment, you had to cancel the trip, it will cost you heavily! So check whether the travel insurance policy will cover the cost of cancellation of bookings. You must find out the deductible applicable under the policy.
    Also, to be on the safer side, make sure you always check the number of COVID cases and situations in the country you are planning to travel to. This will help in staying ahead and better planning.
  4. Delay of checked-in baggage.
    You need to be cautious when it comes to safety because of COVID-19. Suppose after you arrive at the destination and you find that there is an undue delay in the checked-in baggage. At that point, you would not want to spend an extra-minute to wait and expose yourself for a longer time.
    The baggage delay can cause you reasonable and incidental expenses. You must explore whether the insurance company pays you for this delay. Often insurers apply 12 hours excess of delay of checked baggage. Some insurers like Digit Insurance provides the cover with only 6 hours of delay. [Read more: Top 22 places to visit in India post corona]
  5. Loss of checked-in baggage.
    In another case of loss, if you happen to lose the entire luggage and valuables, you must find whether the insurance company will compensate or not. It is quite a common situation. Note that post-COVID-19 travel you would not want to step out unless it is required. Even if you do, you would at least want to recover the loss of your belongings.
    You must check for the applied deductibles in this category before completing the purchase.
  6. Does the policy cover you for preexisting conditions like COVID?
    Make sure before you take the policy, that you disclose all the true information. If you have suffered from a coronavirus that may/may not be considered as a pre-existing disease. Clear this fact with the company from which you will buy travel insurance.
    Corona is expected to cast some side-effects on your body. Establish whether the insurer will cover for a medical emergency that may arise as a result of it when you are abroad.
  7. Verify the Sum Insured or cover limits.
    Before you purchase the travel insurance policy for post-COVID-19 plans, you must see what are the coverage limits offered by the insurers. Check whether the scope of cover is changed or not? An international travel insurance plan covers you for medical emergencies, loss of baggage, loss of passport, cash, accidental death, and more. Know the maximum you can and check for each condition. [ Read more: The first place people want to visit once the coronavirus outbreak ends]
  8. Check whether the policy offers abandonment cover?
    Most travel insurance policies offer you coverage when you abandon your trip if you are delayed by more than 24 hours. You can choose to abandon the trip either due to a missed connecting flight or due to an accidental emergency. The unwarranted delay could spoil your entire plan but still cost you heavily. Find whether your insurance company will provide you the benefit of this cover or not. In both cases, insurers levy deductibles, please be sure of all these deductibles for an informed purchase.
  9. Check the latest update on the International Travel Guidelines.
    You must check and verify the latest updates on the International Travel Guidelines. Confirm whether the destination you wish to or are planning to travel to is covered by your insurer. Post COVID-19, the global destinations that are covered may have altered. Possibly, the limit of cover may differ for different destinations.
  10. Duration for which you will be covered.
    Know at first hand the number of days you will be covered. It will be better to plan the trip accordingly considering the pandemic situation. Realize that the current situation is uncertain in different parts of the world. You should plan the whole trip accordingly. If you have to extend the stay due to some valid emergency(e.g: you got admitted to a hospital due to an accident), then it adds cost to your trip. Spot if the policy covers these excess expenses such as return flight rescheduling, hotel extensions, etc before you buy.
    Also, check if the policy allows you to go on multiple trips. Annual policies provide that benefit in which the traveler gets single trip limits.
    With the coronavirus pandemic, there is extreme uncertainty in traveling. Understanding the relevance of safety while traveling policy, more people choose to buy travel insurance online.

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